This past summer I wrote a newsletter every week for our lovely CSA Members, and neglected the blog somewhat. I’ll admit I do have a sore-spot for things in actual print;  things that can be held in the kitchen, and have tomato sauce splashed on them while cooking.  However, it is time to share a few tidbits from the farm once again and get everyone updated on the coming season, please try not to splash anything on your tender computer as you read.

We’ve been having a pretty slow winter over here.  December, January, and February are the months we use to prepare for the coming season, as well as do fun things like read books, volunteer as leaders on student winter-camping trips, and socialize.   I, Farmer Bethany have had a rough-go of things this winter health-wise and as a result we have decided not to increase the size of our CSA and restaurant production this season nor add any animals to the mix.  We will stick with what we know our energy can sustain and do well, be the best teachers we can be, and continue to manage our finances with attention and care.  We have added new crops, and a few new techniques to try to tackle some of last year’s challenges.  By June we will reach our two year mark at the farm and hope to mark it with a celebratory potluck of some-sort!

We have been getting excited about the coming season and with the warm weather are certainly feeling the anticipation- our sunroom table is full of our first 2016 experiment- sweet potato slips (sprouts) growing in water which we will grow into delicious sweet potatoes.  In about a week, our first scallion seeds will be planted under lights in the living room.  Seb has been hard at work today fixing the first broken glass of 2016 in the greenhouse, and getting our greenhouse tuned up for spring.

And I’m pleased the announce that we are now ready to launch our 2016 CSA Registration.  Because we spend a lot of money on supplies in the winter, we do appreciate sign-ups as early as possible.  See our CSA page for all the details.  It’s really helpful for us financially and it means I can get out to the field in the spring instead of doing admin work in the office.

There are a limited number of shares available and we will post on the website once the program is full.  Before the CSA begins we hope to be at the Guelph Farmer’s Market for 8 weeks to sell our spring greens beginning April 16.  Email us any questions.

Re: the Guelph Farmer’s Market- I’ve had some people ask questions about what has happened with some of the concerns that were brought forward last spring about the Guelph Farmer’s Market.  I’ve been trying to get an update on the market’s progress in addressing some of the concerns I wrote about last spring on my blog, which were echoed and have been stated by many other community members.  As of right now, the market has yet-again changed hands in the city and has mostly-new staffing.  Last June when I spoke to the new market manager (at that time) she had said they were about to make public consultations a reality, but this did not end up happening that I know of.  It’ll happen soon though if you ask me- people are taking note and concerned about the future of food.  Stay concerned my friends, there is a lot of work to be done!

We look forward to another great season of local and delicious eating,

Farmer Bethany