Community Farm Fund

Thank you for helping us make farm ownership a reality!

In 2014 when we purchased our farm, we had a fundraiser and community members chipped in to contribute $40,000 dollars to the purchase of our farm. It was an amazing honour to receive these funds from friends and strangers alike—people who believed in our vision and in the creation of a great community-oriented organic farm.

This glass art by Barbara Bryce (Seb’s mom) depicts Seb and Beth’s story.


Purchasing and starting a farm is an incredible challenge for new farmers.  While the price of importing vegetables goes up, and with our aging farmer population- the need for new local farmers is great.  Small-scale, sustainable farmers can make an incredible impact on their local communities but not without the support of their community.

We are no longer personally seeking donations from our community but we ask anyone willing to support the effort to grow our new farmer population to get in touch with our friends at the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario.