2021 Community Farm Fund

Thank you for helping us evolve our beautiful farm!

Our farm was created in 2014.  For 7 years we provided ecological vegetables for sale in our community.  The pandemic has been difficult and showed us that we need to strengthen and evolve our business in order to continue doing our work in the world.  We have created a Farm Transition plan which will allow us to:

  • Continue growing no-till ecological vegetables for sale in our local community
  • Expand our Incubator Farm Project, a project which provides low-cost/free land access and resources to marginalized farmers
  • Expand our Agri-Tourism programs to create a thriving financial farming model by offering tours, workshops, and farm-stays
  • Create meaningful ecological farming employment opportunities
  • Offer wellness programming for Ecological Farmers (retreats, yoga, workshops)
  • Continue to collaborate with community groups, individuals, and organizations to share the resources and spirit of our farm in creative and life-affirming ways

The fundraising and grant-access goal  for 2021 is $165,000 enable our transition.
If you want to contribute to this Fundraiser please donate.

glass art by Barbara Bryce 


Purchasing and starting a farm is an incredible challenge for new farmers.  While the price of importing vegetables goes up, and with our aging farmer population- the need for new local farmers is great.  Small-scale, sustainable farmers can make an incredible impact on their local communities.  Our farm is host to multiple farm businesses.  We provide employment and make meaningful contributions to the restoration of local ecology through tree-planting, no-til ecological agriculture, and the protection of local watersheds.  We work hard at Zócalo to create a community of farmers, collaborators, and farm-supporters that are working together to tackle food insecurity, racism, ecological land degradation, physical and mental illness, and more!