Tender Farmer Courses and Coaching

Hi, my name is Bethany (she/her).

I am one of the founders of Zócalo Community Farm.  I came to ecological farming because of chronic health issues that made it challenging for me to engage in the regular world. I wanted to be my own boss and create a life in harmony with the earth. 

I am an agrarian mama, a yoga teacher, a musician, a farm-administrator, and a somatic coach.  I combine my gifts and learnings from the wellness world with my 10 years of organic farming to create unique spaces for gardeners, farmers and earth-workers to be supported.   I work to create a brave, inter-sectional, and “safer” space for all participants.

I do this work because I believe that the more intimately connected we are to ourselves, the more intimately connected we are to the land, and the more we can heal the planet.

The Embodied Earth-worker Program (re-launching in 2022):

This is a 5 module course offered over 10 weeks.  It  offers the foundations of wellness for Farmers and Earth-workers in an online setting. We dive deep into topics such as the breath, body awareness, manual labour, emotional wellness, sexuality, and manifestation.  We also build community among farmers and find common ground in our experiences as people who connect with the land.

Module 1: An Introduction to Embodiment

Module 2: The Brilliance of the Body

Module 3: Feeling our Feelings

Module 4: Nervous System 101 Expanding Pleasure

Module 5: Desire as A Compass

Retreat Day: Season Reflection and Tips for Self-tending in a Manual Labour Career


In addition to our Zoom Calls, you will receive:

  • A Video Tour of my Farm, Zocalo Organics, and introduction to our No-Till practices 
  • A Facebook Group where you can share your thoughts and insights with other participants in the class.
  • Weekly Journal Prompts and Homework to support your inner work
  • A Toolkit of Embodiment, Nervous system regulating, and Breathing practices that will support you in your journey.

We will explore 

  • making and breaking commitments, and tools for staying in integrity
  • expanding capacity for difficult emotions
  • An introduction to the nervous system, and somatic practice
  • limiting beliefs and authoring the narratives of our life
  • the principles of manifestation
  • boundaries and relational dynamics,
  • and much more.

You will be invited to feel, breathe, expand, and lead yourself to places and realities you never imagined possible for yourself or the land.




I offer full or partial scholarships for the Embodied Earth Worker Program upon request.

The one-size-fits-all model did not work for me as a farmer, and I am passionate about ensuring that a diversity of bodies and voices build thriving careers in farming.  I take a gentle and slow approach to working through various self-development concepts, ideas, and techniques.  

The modalities that inform my work include: Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems (aka. Parts work), “Re-wilding”, Kripalu Yoga 200hr YTT, Wealth-Embodiment with Tori Washington, “Trauma and the Breath” training with Jane Clapp, and more.

I share Farmer Wellness thoughts on instagram @tenderfarmer

You can find my farm on instagram and facebook @zocalocommunityfarm


“The EEW (Embodied Earth Worker) course significantly exceeded my expectations in terms of content and impact on my life.  Before taking it, I had no idea what embodiment was.  When I read the course description, I was drawn to it because I was burnt out from my farming season and needed guidance to recover, reflect and make important changes in my life.  Bethany is an incredibly passionate, wise and intuitive instructor who cares deeply about this work and her students.  She’s created a very dynamic course that’s rich with information tailored especially for farmers and earth workers.  It’s been really supportive and validating to take this course with other farmers because we face many similar challenges.  If you’re curious about and interested in this course – take it!  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  The lessons I’ve learned through the EEW course are changing my life for the better.”

Sarah, Sarah’s Harvest (Embodied Earth-Worker Course participant)

“Beth’s course was an invaluable space for farmers and growers alike to be vulnerable and share some of the emotional, spiritual, mental health challenges that we face.  Since some of these challenges are very unique to the work and lifestyle of farmers, such as stresses and worries brought on by a livelihood that depends on the unpredictability of mother nature, it was incredibly validating and healing to finally have a space to talk about my emotions with other growers.  These personal stories don’t really get a chance to surface at typical farmer gatherings such as conferences – events that focus more on the techniques and external factors in farming.  Yet being able to take care of ourselves and be well, is essential to being able farm well.  I am so grateful for Bethany for opening up the conversation and her creation of this course.  I sensed and heard a lot of unanimous gratitude from the group, a collective relief for the opportunity to share to open and real ways.  Thanks Bethany.” -Anonymous, Embodied Earth Worker Course Participant.

“The Embodied Earthworker course exceeded my expectations! Bethany offers insight and practical tools for honouring our bodies and boundaries while doing some of the most challenging and important work out there. I have gained important vocabulary and concepts for understanding my challenges, for practicing consent with myself, and for communicating more effectively with others while farming. I also appreciated having a platform to connect with fellow farmers and earthworkers on our shared sense of purpose and challenges. It is inspiring to hear other peoples stories and to connect directly with other farmers. Bethany’s knowledge and passion for the subjects she covers is impressive and comprehensive. I will definitely sign up for her future courses! I highly recommend to all farmers and for those seeking to build a harmonious relationship with the land without sacrificing your wellbeing in a capitalist economy.” -Katherine Spilka @kat.in.the.farmhat, (Embodied Earth-worker course participant)

Coaching Testimonials:

“Working with Bethany has opened up my eyes to new ways of thinking and being. I have worked previously with business and health coaches, all of which imparted wisdom that have helped me on my healing journey, but I still felt stuck. There was still work to be done. I felt drawn to Bethany because of our connection to farming, family and relationships. I am so glad I decided to work with her! She has given me tools that help me listen to and honour my body and nervous system in a way that is real and refreshing yet forgiving at the same time. I have also enjoyed better communication and connection with my partner with help from her. Thank-you!”     -Heather, Heather’s Hearth

“I am thrilled to have started coaching with Bethany. Her approach is so refreshing! We connect over common/shared experiences and meet as equals on our own healing journeys. She is helping me reframe my experiences in the context of curiosity and my nervous system, which she demontrates a thorough knowledge of and passion for. She is helping me reconnect with my body and deepen my practice of consent with myself and others. I feel heard and understood and fully in control. She is really talented at what she does! I would highly recommend Bethany as a coach! Cannot state enough how grateful I am to have found her as a coach, guide and mentor! Thanks Bethany for your genuine compassion and authentic support!”    -Kat, Roots and Shoots Farm