The Embodied Earth-Worker

A self-development and embodiment course for farmers, farm workers, land defenders, permaculturalists, gardeners, homesteaders, and anyone striving to create a life in harmony with a piece of this beautiful earth.

Hi, my name is Bethany (she/her).

I came to ecological farming because of chronic health issues and trauma that made it challenging for me to engage in the regular world. I wanted to be my own boss and create a life in harmony with the earth. 

The stress of starting a farm exacerbated many of my health issues, and my early years of farming were very difficult. Eventually I got fed-up with the reality that was my daily life, and began a deep journey to heal my anxiety, depression, and an autoimmune disorder. I began to live in alignment with who I was at my source, and in doing so began to create the life of my dreams.

I am a queer agrarian mama, a yoga teacher, a musician, a farm-administrator, and a coach. My life is an expression of who I am, it is pleasurable, and it calls me to expand in love and abundance every day. I am committed to a lifetime of personal expansion and healing in community.

It has long been my passion to run wellness retreats for farmers and host conversations on self-care within the ecological farm community.   Most farmers I meet are tired, for very good reason.  Ecological gardeners, permaculturalists, land defenders, organic farmers, and homesteaders are doing some of the most difficult and important work on this planet. I believe that creating a harmonious livelihood on land in a capitalist, abused, and unjust world is a sacred journey.  This course is also for anyone supporting the work of  

I created the Embodied Earth-Worker course to call you home to your body, your spirit, and your purpose.  

Inside this course…

We will have 5 zoom calls together (90 minutes long). We will explore various self-development concepts, ideas, and self-tending techniques that will aid you in creating an embodied and aligned life on land.  These will be recorded so you can play them back at any time.

In addition to our Zoom Calls, you will receive:

  • A Video Tour of my Farm, Zocalo Organics, and introduction to our No-Till ecological practices
  • An online community (Facebook Group) where you can share your thoughts and insights with other participants in the class.
  • Weekly Journal Prompts and Homework to support your inner work
  • A Toolkit of Embodiment, Nervous system regulating, and Breathing practices that will support you in your journey.

We will discuss …

  • Slowing down, and the Medicine of “Subtraction”
  • Making and breaking commitments, and tools for staying in integrity
  • Manual labour and how to physically tend to your body
  • Tools for tending relationships
  • An introduction to the nervous system, and why somatic work is an essential component of personal growth
  • Deep tending and nourishment in the off season (especially for seasonal farmers/gardeners)
  • The principles of manifestation
  • Boundaries, and finding your “No!”
  • Sex, creativity, the power of play, and cultivating a relationship with the everyday erotic
  • Creating a life on land during a pandemic 
  • Expanding your capacity for being with difficult emotions
  • and more!

You will be invited to feel, breathe, expand, and lead yourself to a reality you never imagined possible for yourself or the land.  

.Once upon a time I was slogging vegetable at prices I could not afford, falling into bed each night completely exhausted wondering, “Is this it?”

I wanted to have a child, I wanted to play music, I wanted to sustain deep friendships, I wanted to have more intimacy with my partner, I wanted to offer more to my community, and I wanted a healthier body.

These desires were the compass that has led me to a place of increased health, vitality, and spiritual growth. I am still on my journey (always will be!), and I am ready to support you on yours.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to tend to yourself after a season of hard work
  • You are tired of working long hours and making little money
  • You want to acquire land but it feels impossible
  • You want to more clearly articulate and live into your “Purpose”
  • You want to have more time for yourself, your kids, or your relationships
  • You want to have more power in creating a schedule that aligns with your needs and desires
  • You seek increased vitality, radiance, and joy
  • You want to work less and live more

Join me! Course begins November 16. 

Calls will happen on Mondays at 12pm EST (Toronto Time).  Dates TBA.  We will do some gentle yoga and stretching as a part of most of the calls, please wear comfortable clothing.

  • Nov. 16-  Opening Call
  • Nov. 23- Module 1: The Brilliance of the Body
  • Nov. 30- Module 2:  Feeling the Feelings
  • Dec. 7- Module 3:  The Power of Pleasure
  • Dec. 14- Module 4: Desire as a Compass

Your Investment

$200 CA + Tax Early Bird Pricing, (Available NOW in the Farm Shop.  Price will increase mid October.)

Are you a Bipoc Farmer/Earth-worker?  Special pricing available for all BIPOC participants. $100 CA + tax  (Available NOW in the Farm Shop.)   

Are you in need of financial assistance? 5 additional scholarships are available for those in need. Email to request the application questions.


Additional Supports Available

Please note that this course is trauma informed but it is not a 1:1 container.  

There are Pay What You Can coaching spots (for the duration of the course) available for a handful of BIPOC participants. Please email if interested.

There are 2 additional coaching spots available with me that anyone can apply to by emailing

(*Why special pricing and supports for BIPOC participants?  Ecological and organic farm communities have historically excluded BIPOC participants in both subtle and overt ways.  This is an action I take to acknowledge this.)

Follow me on instragram @whatmakesyourheartsing for free content and connection before the course begins!


More Information

My farm is called Zocalo Organics.  I started this with my previous life-partner and my continued co-conspirator, Seb Ramirez. In addition to growing beautiful no-till organic vegetables for a 150 member CSA program and local Farmer’s Market (and restaurants pre-Pandemic), our farm also hosts tenant farmers, retreats, and more. We are committed to building a diverse (race, gender, sexuality) and healthy rural life on and beyond our farm. 

What modalities inform this course: Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems (aka. Parts work), Re-wilding and somatic sex work, Kripalu Yoga, Money Manifestation, and more.  

I will be posting content leading up to the course on instagram here: @whatmakesyourheartsing

You can find our farm on instagram and facebook @zocaloorganics