Welcome to our Online Store!

Welcome to our brand new ONLINE FARM STORE.  Please place your orders between Sunday at 8pm (when we update our store) and Wednesday at 8pm. Minimum order is $10. Please note: we are taking a pause from offering home delivery of custom orders.  You will have to pick-up at our depot in Guelph or on-farm.

How our Online Farm Store Works…

(FYI: We are still stocking Valeriote Market with produce on Friday afternoons, and if the Guelph Farmer’s Market re-opens we will re-open our market booth. ) 

On our Online Farm Store you will find all of our currently available seedlings and spring vegetables. Inventory will steadily increase from now through the summer as more vegetables and seedlings become available.  We will also soon also add products from some of our favourite local ecological producers such as bread, soap, teas, fruit, and meats.

We offer free Saturday pick-up at two locations, you can select which you prefer on your order:
Polestar Hearth bakery, Guelph from 8am-noon
Or on farm at Zocalo Organics from 1pm-5pm

Please note that we are going to take a break from offering custom box home deliveries for a while.  We have found that offering Home Delivery has been too logistically challenging for our small farm on top of everything else we are doing to adapt to Covid-19.  

We pack all orders in Rubbermaid totes and you transfer the items to your own shopping bags or basket. We will sanitize all our bins before using them again and will ensure our pick-up locations are managed to adhere to 2m of social distancing and no contact!  We have transitioned to a biodegradable packaging option for salad greens in light of being unable to offer our zero waste program. 

We request that you pay for your orders using credit when you place the order. If you are unable to do so we can accept e-transfer or cash, but we’d rather credit.

For seedlings, we will update on Sundays what we have on offer: we grow tomatoes, herbs, greens, and more for seedling sales!

For fresh vegetables: we grow over 30 types of vegetables.  We will update with what we have seasonally available.  We also stock the store with items from other local vendors such as honey, hummus, and tea.  

Please be patient with us as we adapt to using new technology to sell our produce!  There is a help button you can use to report issues to the software company we use – they are doing their best to adjust to a huge demand for their service.  Also, if you experience technological issues and can’t place your order please email us your order.  PLEASE try a couple times since manually placing orders is a lot of work.  And place your order using a  computer if possible which is what the system is optimized for. 

We appreciate your help as we adapt to new ways of selling during this difficult time.

WE ARE SOLD OUT OF CSA SHARES: Email us to get on our Wait List!


Anticipated Questions

Will CSA Shares be pre-boxed this season?

Everything will be pre-boxed (we much prefer market-style pick up, since it allows us to offer CSA share members more choice in what they pick up, but safety is a higher priority this season.)

Can I add produce to my CSA box?

Only if you are picking up on Saturday!  We do not offer custom orders for Wednesdays.  

Can I change the location of where I pick up my CSA

You must choose for the entire season where you will pick up. If, for whatever reason, you need to change we will charge our usual $5 “late fee” for you to pick-up at another location.  

Can I use my Market Bucks to place orders from the online store?

Yes, this is the best way to use your market credit!  Simply place an order and write “Market Bucks” in the order notes rather than paying.  We will see your order come in and reduce your tally.

Why would I buy a CSA when I could just order everything online when I need it?

The CSA is the most farm-supporting of our buying options as it is easiest for us to plan for from a growing perspective. It genuinely works for many people, but not for everyone and we accept this. The reward of being in our CSA is that CSA members are offered the best of our produce (the first tomatoes of the season, for example), and the best prices. The online store is only loaded with produce after we ensure our CSA members get their boxes filled.

Will there be extra produce available at the market stand?

Sometimes.  It is safer for us to pre-box orders than have you come and touch the produce during the time of this time, so we will sell out of produce using pre-orders if possible.  If not possible, we will bring extra produce.

    I want to know about your donation and subsidized produce program.

    We are accepting donations to help others in the community afford our food. This supports our farm and a community member at the same time=double win! If you need a subsidized share or subsidized produce please send us an email and we will add you to our list.  

    Can I place an order by phone?

    If you are unable to access the internet, yes. If you experience trouble with the online store, yes. In all other cases, please use the online store to reduce our stress in the office.