I love the sound of the rain.  It’s all I can hear.  Rain trickling flowing falling.

relieved rain. Release rain, rinsing.  Happy rain. Ferocious rain.  All at once, everything-is-happening-right-now rain.

Rain blown by wind sideways at the roof; dripping, seeping, seething;

Hot summer biking rain, robin finding worms rain, cold and goosebumps rain.  pots catching drips from leaky roof, bowls all in a line, dad up on ladder rain, can’t-fix-it-till-it’s-dry rain.  Wash away the sweat rain, cars splashing sewer filling rain, her face toward the sky with open arms, coloured coats, black rubber boots, beneath your umbrella rain.

I-wish-it-were-gentler rain.
Worried about my little seeds, rain. Please don’t fall too hard, rain.

Aquifers expanding, rivers rushing, creeks rising, levies bursting, chaos at the confluence, rain. The eye of calm within the storm, drive beneath a bridge, stop-rain.

Hopeful for the trees, rain.  Fill the lakes and seas, rain.

tin roof and humid jungle rain.   Eased to sleep by thunder, sing to me your lullaby rain.

all the men in trenches rain, crying for the enemy rain, I want to go home and see my love.  movement rain, still rain, movement rain.

I can’t stand your touch, I want to be alone, I’ve struggled for too long, go away rain. Pervasive, invasive, displacing me rain. All night persistent rain. You lied to me rain.  it took me six years to recover rain. blameless dark and empty rain. Guilty hollow tearful rain. Give me back my body rain.

Don’t forget your umbrella, New Life, everything green, tough love, let the leaves unfold, let these roots find their own way rain. Fluid in my body, let’s dance beneath this water, or have a cup of tea by the window rain.

Throw a handful of compost there, help them grow rain. Stand with her for a moment rain, let her know you are listening.

Forgive him, rain.  Forgive her, rain. Let it go, rain.  Get some sleep, rain.  Give it time rain. Say Goodbye rain. Take care of yourself, rain.

Rickety chairs in the garage, watching the lightning show with family, safe-from-here rain.

I can’t work my fields, i can’t watch as the rain puddles and pushes the crops, closing my eyes to the flooding, inevitable rain.  I-am-powerless-to-you rain.

Surrender rain.  Sudden death rain, funeral black umbrella rain.  So long my love rain.  I’m so sorry rain. Your favourite song played for all the hear by your daughter rain.

Pulling curtains back from the window, rain.  I want to see it falling rain.  monsoon on high hill Pheonix rain. First rain after the dry season, we let the skies fall down and dance on hot Mexico City pavement rain.

More rain, cancelled baseball game, rushing out the eaves troughs rain.  Muddy cleats in the sports field, rain.  Dehumidifier in the basement, sump pump pumping, basement puddles, waiting for a break, more of the same rain.
drying off the windowsills rain, roll up the truck window rain.  I didn’t know the sky contained so much rain.  More rain, more rain.

I love the sound of the rain. It’s all I can hear.